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Tailored to your needs - Production Process
Business Negotiations:Sales representatives for co-operation with the procurement of goods, merchandise sales or offers to accept the services business talks activities.
Demand Analysis:The project customer questions detailed analysis, figure out the problem demands.
Design and Planning:According to customer demand for solutions, design engineers for the project design and draw the customer required drawings.
Client Confirmation:To confirm that the client program to the project designers made the design is correct, to meet customer requirements.
Signing The Contract:Signed a contract entered into force, by my company for production custom.
Preparation:Procurement personnel required for the project raw material procurement.
Logistics and transport:The finished product packaging, packing, carried wooden packaging to ensure that the product is not damaged in transit.
Quality Inspection:Internal inspectors on the quality of the finished product to be detected, the detection of qualified before allowing the factory.
Assembly of finished products:Assembled into finished products according to the drawings.
Coating Paint:Semi-finished products after the completion of welding, the need to achieve beautiful painting.
Welding Process:According to the drawings complete the welding, to welding.
Cut Sheet:Cut sheet according to the drawings, to meet the requirements of the drawings.
  • Business Negotiations

  • Demand Analysis

  • Design and Planning

  • Client Confirmation

  • Signing The Contract

  • Preparation

  • Logistics and transport

  • Quality Inspection

  • Assembly of finished products

  • Coating Paint

  • Welding Process

  • Cut Sheet

With 15 years of integrity management, one-stop service for high-tech enterprises
Strength of the manufacturers, specializing in the production of wind leaching room, transfer window air purification equipment unit for 15 years, the products are exported to Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and more than thirty countries and regions.
Widely used in clean room and non-clean room, stepped cleanliness workshop
Applications, Pak Shing production of air purification equipment, products widely used in microelectronics, optoelectronics semiconductor, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, aerospace, automotive, printing, laboratories and other clean room and non-clean room, stepped cleanliness workshop in.
Cited foreign high-end, top-level manufacturing equipment
Cited more foreign high-end CNC machine tool series, only the top manufacturing equipment and more sophisticated equipment in order to manufacture more sophisticated products, only quality is the only competitive, our ultimate pursuit to make our customers achieve miracles for three consecutive years of zero complaints.
Buy at lower prices and better products
BFS all products are factory direct sales to customers, eliminating the need for intermediaries to make the difference directly to the customer at a lower price to buy better products, we deal with our customers closer distance.
At least 30% of the company's logistics and transport time
Our mature logistics system, since orders from the plan the best route to their destinations as quickly as the goods directly after completion of production, at least 30% higher than the average company logistics and transport time.
They have chosen bai fu sheng jing hua Purification equipment-Cooperation client
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Common Problem

  • FFU purification unit into industrial and household FFU FFU are two types, both of the same filtration principle, since the fan, fan operation, so that the wind sucked in from the top of the FFU
  • FFU purification unit into industrial and household FFU FFU are two types, both of the same filtration principle, since the fan, fan operation, so that the wind sucked in from the top of the FFU
  • In order to reduce congestion on the screen of the air volume, usually early effect of the filter washed once a month, the early effect of the filter can be removed or put in direct hosed water faucet;
  • FFU means a fan + filter unit (fan filter unit), and a laminar flow hood is one that can be formed purification equipment vertical unidirectional flow, structurally speaking, laminar flow hood is rack-mounted,
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